The baby nursery is where a new baby will be spending most of his or her time. However, trying to figure out how to decorate the nursery before the baby is born can feel like a big headache, especially if you are not sure what the gender is going to be. Mistakes are likely to happen. And that’s why, we are here to help you plan well and welcome your munchkin in a safe, comforting and calming space. While preparing for the newest family member is a fun and enjoyable task, many parents tend to make some décor mistakes that they later regret. Here are the 5 most common nursery-decorating mistakes that should be avoided:

Mistake #1 Choosing The Wrong Theme

There are several nursery themes like rhymes, fairy tales, and teddy bears, animals, and alphabets, providing different products to choose from to decorate a baby’s room. Choosing a theme does not mean everything has to be coordinated, but you need a basic theme that you can centre the baby nursery décor around. Choosing to decorate the baby nursery requires time especially if you want to make the setting perfect for your baby. Simply give it a good thought and you will be able to figure out the good theme for your baby.

Mistake #2 Decorating For An Infant

Often parents make the mistake of decorating the place thinking only of their baby as an infant. However, babies grow up faster than new parents would think. Getting baby’s accessories and other useful items is an extremely expensive task. Toys, clothes, carrycots and other useful items can no longer be used by the child after a specific age. The best way is to make the nursery decoration plan that includes an upgrade depending on the baby’s growth. This means the decoration should grow with the kid, representing the new interests and materials for that age.

Mistake #3 Not Going Neutral

Indeed, pink is for girls and blue is for boys! Because you do not know the gender of the baby before he or she is born, you should not go with a predominantly pink or blue colour. Choosing the theme that can work for either gender is the best choice in this instance. Colours like yellow, green and orange are good choices If you are trying to make a gender-neutral baby nursery. If concerned about themes, general animal or soft themes are a good option to consider as they can be soothing for the baby.

Whether you are expecting a boy or a baby girl, your motive should be creating the optimal environment where the mother can spend and spend quality time with the baby. In other words, the nursery-decoration should be planned neutral.

Mistake #4 Avoiding The Baby Nursery Bedding

Baby nursery bedding is the initial step to the beautiful baby nursery décor for the little one’s room. Newly parents often look first for baby furniture and make necessary decorations upon it, however in reality, choosing the baby nursery bedding should take top priority.

The best way to start with thinking of the features of baby nursery bedding. Whether bright and vibrant bedding colours or soft and soothing, make your choice! Usually, brighter and more whimsical bedding tends to look better with light coloured furniture. Once you pick out the bedding style, choose a colour of paint for the walls that work well with the bedding you are using. Make sure your bedding curtains and walls work well together for a polished look.

Mistake #5 Wrong Floor Plan

Before buying nursery furniture, you must draw a floor plan. A great way is to visualise the room well which many parents find it hard to do. To make it easy, you can make large cutouts using the exact dimensions of the chosen furniture. Also, newspapers and plastic paint sheets go well in measurement. Drawing a floor plan means getting an exact idea of the space in the baby nursery.

Remember, you will need plenty of space to store all of the baby’s little goodies and clunky gear. Take this into consideration while deciding on your baby furniture. Only a good plan will help you to squeeze lots of extra space out of your baby room.

Wrapping Up

Whether it’s your first child or a second or third, there is obviously a lot going on in your life to get ready for the arrival of the new baby. Maybe, transforming a room into a decorative nursery seems daunting, however, it can be done well if you avoid last-minute preparations and the above-discussed mistakes.

The best way is to make a list of the characteristics of the room like what kind of theme should be used and what colour should be painted. This way, you will have an idea about the appearance of the room and the possibilities about how much work you will need to do for the decorating process.

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