When a baby is born and you welcome them into your family, there is a whole list of things you need to shop for. Clothes, accessories, toys, nursing kit, sleeping kit – the list goes on. Among others, one of the most important things is the baby stroller. With hundreds of options for strollers in the market, it becomes tough to pick one of the best for your newborn baby. Whether you are taking them for a walk in soothing sunlight or packing your bag for a family vacation, a stroller is the most essential of all the baby furniture in Australia. There is simply no way to decide the best, but there are some basic and non-negotiable factors that you must consider while choosing a stroller for your baby. Let’s get to know them –

Lifestyle Patterns

Your lifestyle is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing a baby stroller. To determine it, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you an urban family who needs to use a stroller all the time or a suburban family who only needs it when going for a walk or on a trip?
  • How are you going to store the stroller – in your home or apartment?
  • Will you need to haul the stroller upstairs or to any public transport?
  • Do you need an all-purpose stroller or a stroller only for walks or outdoor trips? How much are you going to use it?
  • Do you need to fold and unfold the stroller often?
  • Do you have a trunk to fit in the stroller?

Your stroller needs to be compatible with your lifestyle and fulfil all the needs of your baby. Answer these questions for yourself. It will definitely make the process of shortlisting easier.

Suitability for the Newborn

The newborns, of course, can’t sit up on their own. They require a seat that either has an attached bassinet, reclines fully, or has space to accommodate an infant carrier. Always look for one of these in the stroller. Also, make sure the carrier gets locked into the stroller easily.

Convenient To Use

You are purchasing a stroller to make your and your baby’s travel plans convenient. You don’t want to be stuck with an inconvenient experience. Therefore, choose a stroller that you can push and turn simply. Do check whether –

  • it’s manageable with a single hand or not.
  • it’s easy to use in a compact space or not.
  • the weight of the stroller is manageable or not.
  • it’s suitable for use for a growing baby or not.


Your comfort is as important as it is for your baby. Before making a purchase, make sure the handles are at an appropriate height for you to manage. Adjustable handles are usually preferred by parents and are also recommended.

Family Size

If you have just one baby in your family and are not planning for another one anytime soon, a single stroller is enough for you. But if you want to have your next baby within the next three years, opt for a stroller that can be converted to a double stroller when needed. You can also choose a stroller that can accommodate two or three children at once (two seats and a stroller board). Parents with more than one child often regret investing in an inconvertible single stroller.

Look For Harness And Canopy

It is a basic necessity to have an adjustable harness and a canopy in the stroller. Your stroller must have a high-quality harness that can be easy to adjust and buckle. There must be a canopy wide enough to shield the baby from sun, wind, and some unexpected elements like rain and dust.


If you are a first-time parent, then the cost of a stroller may shock you. If you have enough budget to purchase an expensive and highly featured stroller then go for it. High priced strollers usually contain good suspension systems, easier maneuverability, high-quality soft fabrics, multiple holding capacity, multiple colour options, and modular seats with a feature to convert from front to rear-facing. But do not stress more on the budget as a good quality moderate featured stroller does not cost much.


Do a safety check before purchasing: Make sure the moving handles, canopy shade, baskets, cup holders, and any other attachment keeping the capacity to harm the baby are out of your baby’s reach. Cover these attachments with soft cushiony fabric so the baby won’t get hurt.

The baby stroller is going to be your baby’s first riding experience. It’s important that you choose the one that’s perfectly right for him/her. Moreover, it’s a one-time investment. So give enough time to the decision-making process.

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